Dear Diary,

It’s been three days since I ran away with Matt. He is perfect, he tells me that as soon as I earn enough money, me and him will start a new life. There’s something I have to confess though. Do you promise you won’t judge me? I can’t trust anyone. Well, I earn money through prostitution. I know what you are thinking…But I promise it’s not like that! I don’t want to do it but Matt makes me, if I don’t ,he will hurt me.

Can I tell you another secret? I’m on the run again. From Matt this time. I thought he would have understood. He always said    “there is no end to us ” but i guess he lied… I  told him that I was carrying our baby. He stood there like a stone staring deeply into my eyes. “Matt?” I said cautiously. WHACK!!! Matt slapped me, my cheeks turned Scarlett. He abuses me and runs out of the door.I curl into a ball, gently sobbing into my skeleton like legs.I  thought to myself ..”what do I do now?”

So here I am in a dark alley somewhere.I see Matt.. I see his intense eyes set on me… I have a knife. I shakily pick up the gleaming weapon. Just one cut I told myself. I look at the knife just hoping that someone was there to stop me. I start to get out of control. I remember all the moments Matt I shared but the sweet and cherished memories are now gone and all that is left is the abuse and torture! “This is the only way to get from the pain.” I explained myself…”have courage!”

Relief and stress poured out of me as I see blood dripping from my bruised tender wrist.I feel the life slipping away from me. My head is spinning but I’m happy! I’m going to a better place…


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