Till death do us apart 

It’s 3 am … I’m thinking of you … it’s hard not to smile … you are perfect in your own little ways … I love you so much ….I don’t want to cry .. I want to pour out all these mixed emotions to you … I just want you to know that I still love you … you didn’t have to shut me out .. loving you is not an option anymore … I made that decision long back … and trust me I will stay by it no matter how rough this gets .. life’s not an 80s movie and the truth is so ruthless .. probably feeling so deeply for you is not justified either… but these thoughts comfort me and soothe me … I know you broke me .. but you know what’s scarier .. that I know deep down that you are the only one who can fix me .. I’m nt giving up .. not now … not ever .. I love you …  jenna looked at him with such passionate eyes.. holding his hand … praying…he lay there ..on the hospital bed unaware of the gentle touch caressing his hand … he had peacefully drifted away into another world… she collapsed on the floor and tore the divorce papers .. destiny had another way to separate them…  



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