Shutter Island

After watching this movie I concluded “Everyone has their version of truth.. but does anyone actually know the truth ?” Shutter Island is one of those films that rips the rug out from under your expectations with the intensity of a magician.

Initially, we think we are watching a responsible U.S. Marshall named Teddy enter an insane hospital/prison intending to investigate and uncover the whereabouts of a recently disappeared patient.Later, the movie takes turns and as we sit through this mental roller coaster we begin to reconsider our assumptions.After every scene one will doubt the conclusions drawn from the earlier one. The movie keeps it’s pace perfect, every scene has been given adequate time for the betterment of understanding of the audience but also at the same time it has not been dragged.

Overall, I found the movie to be very intense and entertaining. The film discusses about the blurred lines between perception, reality and insanity. 


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