Hit and Run Case 




Hence it became the truth! 

On 28th September 2002,Salman Khan’s Toyota Land Cruiser rammed into American Express bakery at Hill Road Junction,Bandra,killing one and injuring four other.Since this unfortunate moment,”Hit and Run” has been tagged along with Khan’s image.

There had been negligence from both sides.The bills collected from the ‘Rain Bar’ where Salman was dinning that night with friends , turned out to be of 27th September instead of the 28th. Singer Kamal Khan who was also seated in the car at the time o the incident was not asked to record his testimony after the death of the first eye witness,Ravinder Patil. 

Patil was Salman’s police gunman. Speaking of which,there had been numerous rumours about what Patil had earlier said. Initially he had clearly mentioned that it was Salman who was behind the wheel but later he changed his statement due to which he was suspended from the police force. Patil’s wife claims that he was tortured and  was also under extreme pressure which resulted in his death.Although he died of tuberculosis and his wife’s allegations havn’t been taken into consideration.

 Salman was charged heavily for drunk driving without license.He has paid a fine of Nineteen Lakh Rupees out of which Ten Lakh has been given to the family of the victim.There has been no significant evidence that Khan was drunk as the blood samples were collected after thirteen hours of the incident.

At the time the police got to the site of the accident,the victims were struggling between life and death. Inspire of this,the police rushed them to the government hospital whereas there was a private one just round the corner. 

Keeping all facts and arguments aside, the bottom line is, an innocent soul died due to this irresponsible behaviour.It wasn’t a murder but a mishap which could have happened with anyone. 

Salman may not be completely innocent but at the same time he is not a criminal as this accident was unintentional.Sometimes one should think beyond the public gossip and media to find out the truth. 


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