Last night I watched the movie ‘Airlift’.. it really moved me .. so I’m sharing a few concerns .. things that disturb me and get me thinking … 

the whole idea is .. if in the morning you wake up to sound of grenades and gun fires in your neighbourhood .. can you or rather I should say will you be their ‘Ranjeet Katyal’? He was a regular man .. the word ‘regular’ sounds a little too small . he had everything a man could ask for .. he made his choices and took the harder way for others …no I’m not trying to awaken the patriot inside your soul.. I’m calling out for humanity .. which I believe has been on some sort of a tranquilizer! It’s not about the nationality .. it’s about being human! Are you telling me that you are more concerned about a caste/religion or where a person comes from .. for which I want to remind you that it wasn’t his or her choice ! neither was accepting it a choice .. it was obvious or should I say obligatory! we are all made of the same thing .. the same mind .. the same heart! What difference does it make that the person belongs to the other side of the border or practices a different belief system .. it doesn’t change the facts of our needs to be accepted or to be loved .. Our nation has the highest number of deities .. therefore, corresponding to this fact .. we have the highest number of atheists .. my question is ..which temple or which mosque or church encourages selfishness and discrimination .. it is not a sarcastic question .. I would genuinely want to know if there is religious duty which is asking you to be “selectively sensitive towards others ” 

The other thing is…How are we so perfectly wired to be self centred .. I think the problem starts with the little policy we are taught as kids .. “the give and take policy”. no seriously .. we are taught to be good negotiators since we are little .. yes my friend I will help you ..terms and conditions applied blah blah .. bootom line :you must help me later ! I mean why can’t we learn to give whole heartedly first ! why would you want a media coverage for a charity show .. or front page news for donation .. be happy about giving and that too without actually expecting others to reciprocate .. it’s not always about the profit .. sometimes it’s about being a better soul and the happiness you get when you help someone .. too bad for you if you havnt ever felt like that! 

Our country’s youth is literally fighting for admissions in engineering colleges .. I want to know what sort of rocket science is required for being humble and greatful. 

And if anything is left in us …. then we have to wake up to rape case incidents …I hope you have thought this over … these victims could be a wife whose husband is away at work carrying her little photograph in his wallet .. it could be someone’s sister dreaming of first day in college …it could be someone’s mother who has just put a tikka on her sons forehead and wished him all the best! The clear point is .. she’s a woman .. respect her .. she’s the reason you are breathing ! 
To all those who are reading this … think about who you are .. and whom do you want to be .. don’t just let time pass .. be somebody ..try to mean something to someone .. be a better version of yourself .. 


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