Product review for a lipstick 

I had tried this new collection of lipsticks once before but as I prefer a more natural look had selected the Barely Bloomed shade. Unfortunately this was simply just too pale for my complexion and made me look washed out, so I was pleased that this new shade had a bit more colour.
It went on smoothly and easily and felt very creamy and moisturising. Supposedly it has a ‘creamy honey nectar for a sumptuous feel’ and it did indeed feel sumptuous and nice on my lips. However I suffer from dry lips and several times when I used this I could still bits of dry skin rather than the lipsticking hiding these blemishes. Using it several times however I seemed to notice some improvement in the dryness, whether from forming a protective layer to help minimise moisture evaporating from lips or because it simply added in some much-needed moisture. Another negative was that it didn’t seem to adhere to all of my bottom lip which for most of the time was fine but anytime I puckered up to check I had full coverage then was a large gap at the top/back of my bottom lip that wasn’t very attractive.
I want a lipstick that stays on for a long time and although this did a reasonable job it did not last for long. It faded quickly which made it much more subtle and a more suitable colour for my face and I was happy about that but I needed to reapply it after only a few hours to even show that I had some colour there and that was a nuisance especially if I was busy and did not have time to check my make up.
The bold pink colour reminiscent of summer pastels was a tad too bright for my lips for everyday use and probably more suitable for a younger person or for going out to parties where you want a little more colour. I liked the feel of the lipstick and how easy it was to apply but it didn’t last long enough for my needs and since it seems a bit dearer than other brands I would probably not buy this product again. For younger people who wear lots of bright colours and have the opportunity to check their make up regularly to reapply it if it comes off or fades then it’s a nice option to consider but you will need to test it for yourself to decide if it works for you.


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